Contract Research

Pay-as-you-go Contract Research

In a traditional contract research model, the customer pays a large upfront-fee for the research project with a defined length of time or specific deliverables. The problem with this for optimization or formulations work is two-fold, if the optimal formulation is obtained easily there is no cost savings to the customer. On the other hand, if deliverables are not met within specified time-frame due to unforeseen technical challenges, then defining a project end is difficult and can run into overages.

For these reasons, Akinalytics has adopted a different model for handling short to medium term research contracts which is ‘pay-as-you-go.’ Instead of a large, upfront fee (as in the traditional model) research efforts are billed monthly based on project hours and supplies. The benefit for this model is that it allows customers to economically control research effort costs for short-term research. This also allows flexibility on both sides. For example, if a customer requires a small amount of ‘proof-of-principle’ data for investors or grant application, then Akinalytics can do an economic base-level prototyping, put a hold on the project for a while, and perform more extensive testing at a later date when financing is available. Alternatively, if certain properties of interest are discovered along the way and the customer is interested in pursuing something else then there is no need to negotiate a new contract for this. The flexibility of this model makes it well suited for the research field.


Akinalytics specializes in controlled release drug delivery systems, and biodegradable polymers and their pharmaceutical/biomedial applications. Akinalytics has in-house capacity to make and test pharmaceutical formulations. Akinalytics also custom-synthesizes biodegradable copolymers. Akinalytics has access to many analytical tests available at nearby Purdue University through a partnership with Purdue Enterprise Corporation (PEC).

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See an example of polymer analysis in action: Assay of Clinical Product Long-Term Delivery Systems for PLGA Properties

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